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There are a lot of information for and against poultry farms. It is up to you to figure out how to make poultry farms sustainable.

Here are some interesting links for you to read or watch.

Free Range Chicken Farm

Why is Costco Opening its Chicken Farm

Fresh Eggs

Want to save animal lives without going veg? Stop eating chickens?

Raw Eggs

What sustainability means to Chicken farms

Roasted Turkey

We dismantled more cruel cages on factory farms and set new records for egg laying hens


Choosing chicken over beef cuts our carbon footprints a surprising amount

Chicken Breast

Chinese farmers are shaking up Canada’s agriculture communities

Feeding the Chickens

The next pandemic could come from our farms

Farmer with Organic Eggs

Replacing beef with chicken isn’t as good for the planet as you think

Colored Eggs

Flavourful Sustainability: On the Reinvention of the Egg and why it matters now

Fried Chicken Wings

Ecological Impact of Chicken farming

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