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Learning Outcomes:

  • By the end of this lesson, students will understand and analyze some challenges and opportunities presented by the physical environment and the ways in which people have responded to them.

  • Use the geographic inquiry process to investigate the impact of natural events and/or human activities that change the physical environment, exploring the impact from a geographic perspective.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of significant patterns in Earth's physical features and of some natural processes and human activities that create and change those features. 

Big Ideas:

  • People's activities are related to physical features and processes.

  • How human activities change Earth's physical features and ecosystems can have social, political, environmental, and economic consequences.

  • Earth's physical features can be created or changed by both natural processes and human activities. 

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach


Plastic Bottles


Plastic Bag on Beach


Variety of Bags


Environment Pollution

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