Education for the Generations

We aspire to help educate the community in growing fresh vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle.


This includes coordinating with schools to have students participate in preparing the ground, staking and stringing the planting rows, digging and watering the trenches, planting the seeds and seedlings, covering and watering the freshly planted vegetables. Then working with us throughout the growing season to cultivate, rota-til, hoe, weed and mound the vegetables and ultimately participating in the harvest. Free school field trips can be organized by contacting us directly. 

We provide the tools and training to help teach effective gardening techniques. As well, provide fresh produce to schools within the Kingston and surrounding area for snack programming and educational purposes. 

Above all, we endeavour to provide an environment wherein the volunteers feel respected and valued for their hard work. It is our objective to have people leave knowing they worked hard and provided real benefits to the lives of others. 


Students are encouraged to come out, with their families or friends, and work with us.  Many of the young people are completing their required volunteer hours with us.  Watching these future leaders blossom with their social and gardening skills is most heartening. 

To book your group with RCG by contacting us today!

We also explain the partnerships we have with the many food organizations and agencies that we work with to provide nutritious fresh vegetables, allowing them to prepare and serve healthy meals to their clients.


We have many working relationships, where groups help us in the Garden and then take produce to utilize or sell in their food kitchens and market places; we encourage any funds generated be used to further Garden initiatives such as our Culinary Program.