The driver behind our culinary program is the powerfully compelling fact that the most predictable factor in a well adjusted individual is a being part of a family that prepares and sits down to meals together.  Brian Abrams, the Garden co-founder, spoke about this at the recent Rotary Club presentation with other founder Bernie Robinson.

The Culinary Program promotes partnerships with local churches and other organizations that have facilities available that can be used by our nutritional and cooking volunteers to teach how to prepare healthy meals.  The program includes taking participants to grocery stores and explaining how to buy the necessary ingredients for a nutritious, affordable meals.


We have corporate partners that have provided us with food store gift cards so we can provide our participants with the basic pantry items needed in every kitchen. We are able, from the RCG, to provide fresh vegetables, and with our cold storage and other preservation methods (waxing root vegetables, making sauces, pickling etc.), we can spread the availability of these products out beyond the traditional harvesting season. We have also forged partnerships within the community to obtain donated pots, pans, bowls and other kitchen utensils to help outfit those who do not have the necessary items.

This was the primary objective for 2016, our 5th year; the Garden has grown each year, and the fields are being prepared now for next years Garden, and we will begin planting in the fall, items such as garlic, asparagus etc.