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Guide to Growing Seedlings


Thank you for joining our pilot project! 

Objective: Having students grow seedlings that can be later used at our Community Garden to grow and harvest vegetables for our local food programs.

Start Time: We would love for you to start in February/ March. 

End Time: End of the school year. Our Community Coordinator will come pick up the seedlings for planting.

Excuetion: We will arrange for seeds to be brought to your school. We can also arrange soil and small potters. Potters are in limited quantity. Please get in touch with our Community Coordinator to arrange seeds, soil and potters. 

Vision: For our first year, our vision is for students to learn more about farming, sustainablity and the importance of community.

Future: We want this to be a sustainable program. What we mean by that is to have a recurring system of students growings seedlings, learning about sustainability and farming, planting their seedlings and harvesting them in September. 


How to Grow:

  1.  Make a hole 2.5 cm (1”) deep in the soil.

  2. Place your seeds in the hole.

  3. Cover with soil.

  4. Water. Until completely soaked.

How to Maintain Plants:

  1. Water until the first 5cms (2 inches) is moist every 2 to 3 days. 

  2. Plenty of sunlight.

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