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Sprucing up Instant Noodles

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a pinch, could be financially or heck day at work, where we find ourselves with our dear old friend, instant noodles. This salty concoction may not be very rich with different flavourings or abundant with nutritional value but it does well in a pinch. Cooking is an art form, takes time to develop a sense of taste and a plate worth noting, instant noodles don’t really make the cut. That being said, doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it more fulfilling and nutrient dense.


Favorite Instant Noodles

Favorite frozen vegetables

Since instant noodles are quite plain (even the spicy ones), makes it easier to pair up with whatever vegetable you have at home. I used frozen peas and corn. I chose these ones because they were on sale and frozen vegetables are great for moments like this. Like many, I want to eat healthy and be my better self, unfortunately, I don’t always have the mindset or the budget for it. Frozen vegetables allow for you to use them at your own pace, especially if you are really busy or not quite sure how to cook vegetables in general. Fresh vegetables are daunting and with a time limit, which continues that black hole of trying to eat fresh quickly but don’t have the time for it or the plate to continue eating over-boiled broccoli for 4 days straight.

So use those frozen vegetables, get some nutrients out of it and enjoy!

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