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Gardening can be easy and great for self care

If you are a beginner gardener like I am, you may feel intimidated at starting your own vegetable garden. I began growing veggies 2 years ago and found the experience to be relaxing, exciting and self nurturing. With having a busy schedule with work, kids, house work, it can be hard to find time to fit in activities for self care. I started my vegetable garden planting my seeds in old pots I had laying around the yard and I also found some at my family's houses they were not using. The process was very simple, I picked up 3 bags of garden mix soil from my local landscape company for $6 per bag and picked up seed packages at Lowes. I think all together the cost was about $30. Once I had all my supplies ready I filled my pots up about half way with just regular topsoil then the second half I used my garden mix soil.

The seeds I chose to do to start off were lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans. So simple, just bury the seeds about an inch into the garden soil and distance the seeds apart as per each package. Was seriously that easy! I would go outside every night when the sun started to go down and water my seeds, this gave me an excuse to go outside by myself. Within a few days they started growing and within 6/8 weeks I had actual veggies. I was able to make my salads for my lunches every week with my own fresh vegetables and they tasted great because I grew them myself! This year I am going bigger, I had my hubby build me raised boxes! I am going to be adventurous and try growing Corn, potatoes, pumpkins, and much more fun things!!

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