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Social Distancing

It is a time of uncertainty for all of us but it does not stop food insecurity in our community. We still need your help.  Here are our steps on how we are upholding the Canadian Government's guidelines:

a) Having all volunteers sign up on our website, to keep track of who is coming to the garden and when. We are also asking volunteers to fill in our COVID-19 form to help us screen people before coming. If not, they will be screened before entering the garden.

b) Having zoning areas in the garden itself, to make sure that every part of it is tended too but also making sure that we do not have volunteers all in the same area at once. 

c) Maintaining social distancing. We are asking for at least 2 meters apart. How this will actually look like in the garden is by having volunteered at least 3 rows away and starting on opposite sides.

d) Asking volunteers to bring their own gloves. If they have tools, we are also asking them to bring them as well. If they do not have tools, we do have tools, volunteers can use. All tools are to be cleaned and sanitized before and after every use. We have our own tracking system in place to make sure that it is clean.

e) Volunteers will be given hand sanitizer before arrive and before they leave. 

f) Our porta potty is also being cleaned at least twice every session (morning session and afternoon session) and we do have sinks with running water and soap to wash hands as well. 

g) We can also provide volunteers with gloves that they can throw-away afterwards. 

The safety of our staff and volunteers are extremely important to us and we want to make sure everyone is safe and taking the proper precautions.

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