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About Us

Our Story


Robinson Community Garden is an idea brought to life by the joint efforts of business owner Bernie Robinson, Judge Brian Abrams and the Salvation Army. Robinson Community Garden is two acres of donated farmland -- seeded, tended, worked and harvested by volunteers to provide our Community Partners with healthy, nutritious food to distribute to those in need in the Kingston area. Although the two men and the Salvation Army were leaders in creating the Community Farm, it is only through the continued dedicated service of our community of volunteers that it has grown and continued to be successful.


Each year, the our Garden helps more people, and more groups and volunteers join with us to help those in need in our community to lead healthier lives.



To provide fresh produce, at no cost, to those in need in the Kingston Community.  We do this through a combination of donated farmland, farm staff, and a community of dedicated volunteers. 



We see a future where the Robinson Community Garden is a sustainable resource, run by a dedicated volunteers, for the benefit of the Kingston Community.

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