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Mangroves- Teacher’s Resource


Objective: For students to explore the current environmental issues in Ontario, Canada and around the world.


Materials Needed:

  • Student activity sheets (provided below)

  • Computers, phones, tablets, etc.

  • Teacher resource (provided)


Time Needed:

  • Approximately 1 class period



  • Complete one of the following lessons:

    • ​Geography: A. Physical Patterns in a Changing World

    • Geography: B. Natural Resources around the World: Use and Sustainability

    • Science: A. Understanding Structures and Mechanisms

    • Science: B. Understanding Matter and Energy

  • Book computer lab, computer carts, etc.

  • Print off student activity sheets (1 per person)


Guiding Questions:

  • Why do different people have different responses to the environment and the opportunities and challenges it presents?

  • Why do we need to consider various perspectives when determining the impact of human activities?

  • Why would people continue to use methods that contribute to destroying our environment when there are more environmentally safer ways?

  • Why is it important for companies to find out what consumers want now and what they might want and/or need in the future?

  • What would be the impact on depleted fisheries in a developing nation versus Canada?



  • Organize students into groups of 3 to 4

  • Hand out student activity sheets

  • Have students use the provided websites to access the information

  • Once students are complete the activity sheet, discuss as a class, or have them hand in (answers are provided for you in the teacher resource, please note, students do not have to  answer word for word, as long as they have a general idea)


Integrated Expectations across subject matters:


Language: Reading

  • Read and demonstrate an understanding of informational texts using a range of strategies to construct meaning.

Language: Media Literacy

  • Use overt and implied messages to draw inferences and construct meaning in media texts;

  • Identify whose point of view is presented or reflected in a media text, citing supporting evidence from the text, and suggest how the text might change if a different point of view were used.


  • Analyze the effects of human activities on habitats and communities.


Resources used:




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